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The lines that traditionally separated work from home and play have become increasingly blurred.  

Work inspiration is now part of our home life.  Through our products and services, TRINPAD aims to provide its expertise to our customers to enable them to work better and smarter to meet their goals.

For teachers and students

Not only do we carry quality stationery and supplies to enable learning, but we also provide bulk photocopying and printing services for class packs, learning guides, and professional binding services to enable your school projects to reflect the quality of your work. We have also curated the appropriate laptop and printer configurations to enable access to technology in school and home environments so that your personal printing won’t cost an arm and a leg when you need to buy replacement ink cartridges.

For small offices and businesses

Not only do we carry a broad range of supplies that enables your staff to work efficiently and effectively, but we also provide printed materials - banners, flyers, call cards, and more - to assist with your marketing and promotions.  It’s not only about ordering traditional office supplies anymore, it’s about figuring out better ways to get the job done right.

For home offices

Whether you are a consultant working from home, a lawyer, an entrepreneur, or a professional, not only do we have an appropriate range of home office desks, chairs, printers, laptops, and shredders, but we also have efficiency-enabling accessories to help you get the job done properly.  We also carry a range of ready-to-hang printed canvases of local photographs and motivational art.  We also do custom photo canvases and other photo gifts to celebrate special occasions.

We hope that you feel inspired when you visit our stores and interact with our staff.

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